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It is surprisingly easy to get tangled up in a drugs case. They can cause worry about employment, publicity or even prison. Police or even lawyers aren't always sympathetic to the damage the case might cause.


The evidence chain can be extremely important. If your lawyer can take away a single link, the court may not convict. Having a specialist drugs lawyer can make the difference between conviction and acquittal.


Read on to find out why drugs cases can be difficult, and how our expert drugs lawyers fight them. Our drugs lawyers don't judge. We win cases where others may have given up.


Drugs cases can cause various types of damage in people's lives.

A drugs case can be loaded with stigma. It can be out of proportion with the actual harm caused. These cases can do permanent damage to a person’s life.


In some cases, there's a risk of prison, but even simple possession can result in a criminal record, and seriously affect a person’s career or profession.


It can be even harder to bear if a person doesn’t know what to expect from the process. Not everyone knows where or how to find an expert drugs solicitor to help manage the situation.


People can have real worries about their financial security and about how they will support their family if the case goes ahead. The publicity and shame sometimes associated with a drugs case can also cause embarrassment to loved ones and put pressure on personal relationships.


The system often fails to recognise that people caught up in drugs cases didn’t make an active decision to become involved. They’re often victims themselves, and the stress of the case can make underlying problems even worse.



People get 'processed' and convicted, resulting in unfair outcomes.

Police often have no discretion and ‘process’ people in instead of treating them as an individual. Sadly, even drugs lawyers sometimes forget that a drugs allegation can be life changing. The law isn't always properly explained. Even if police or lawyers seem to be sympathetic, they often don’t act in a caring or professional way.


Newspapers will often name people involved in a drugs case without care for the harm it causes.


Police are also trained to find out if a person is in a ‘notifiable profession’. This means that they notify the person’s employer or regulator.


The fact that the system doesn’t treat real criminals very different from people who have ended up in a situation essentially by accident means that these cases have unfair consequences. Without the intervention of experienced drugs solicitors, a person can end up with a criminal conviction or prison where a fairer outcome would be helping with issues they have, rather than punishing them.


Our criminal lawyers fight to win our clients’ cases and the proof is our results. Where a client doesn’t admit the allegation.

There is hope. It starts with decent drugs solicitors defending you.

It doesn't have to be like this. Having a firm of expert solicitors can bring some hope back to you.


How should this look? First of all, proper drugs lawyers listen to their clients. What does the person need from the situation? To avoid getting a criminal record? Not to go to prison? Is it because of a job, because of negative publicity, or to protect family? These are important questions. Drugs solicitors won't know the answers without asking.


Drugs solicitors are proactive. This means being in contact with the police. It means getting disclosure and investigating points which can help the defence.


It means supporting the client through the process so he or she understands what is going on and what is going to happen before it does.


In serious cases such as conspiracy cases, solicitors will fight for you from the beginning. This also means not giving anything away to the police, pushing for evidence, and instructing experts to work with your drugs lawyers.


Our drugs solicitors know what works. We're ready to do that for you.

From the first time you meet one of our solicitors, you should feel that part of the burden you're carrying has been made lighter.


Straight away we put you at ease. We listen. We don't judge. We give you solid advice that will help, and we answer all your questions.


When you're our client, our drugs lawyers take immediate steps to improve the situation and we are then proactive at every stage.


We get on record with the police or the prosecution so they know who they're dealing with. We make sure that you're treated fairly. If there is a chance that the case could be dropped, we make sure that the other side sees why that is the best option.


We demand that you are given whatever evidence that you have a right to. We assemble a team of top specialist drugs barristers and forensic experts to assist our team of drugs solicitors so that the case is prepared perfectly, and so we can achieve the only result that matters - the win.



Things you can do to improve things, starting now.

There are some basic things you can do to start improving your chances in this situation.


  • Get a good firm of specialist drugs lawyers on your side. Even if the case has been going for some time, it's not too late to improve things.


  • Call us and speak to one of our lawyers with no obligation. You'll get straight through to a lawyer, and we can often see you the same day, on secure video call or in person.


  • Don't speak to police without a lawyer, especially if you want to give your explanation.


  • Don't post anything on social media or send any messages to anyone about the case. The fewer people you discuss it with, the better.


  • Make sure you at least have one person to confide in and get support from.


  • If you're suffering from stress or sleep issues, see your GP. You don't have to give them the details.


  • Don't give up and assume it's hopeless, even if police claim to have found drugs.


  • Consider not using the same solicitor as other people in the case if there may be a conflict of interest

Charged with a criminal offense in NSW? if looking for a law practice that will defend your rights. Contact one of our experienced defence lawyers (Solicitors and Barristers) on (02) 8747 1789 to discuss how we may assist you in achieving a favourable outcome. Republic Lawyers extensively practice in criminal Law and regularly appear at Courts throughout New South Wales.

The above information is intended as general information and is not to be relied on as legal advice.

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