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If you're facing a heavy case, get serious lawyers.


Serious crime cases are heavier in every way. The police approach, the stress, the consequences - everything is intensified. Having non-specialists representing you is not an option.


You don't need to feel at sea if you're facing a big case. Help is available. That means we know how to win, and that expertise is here for you.

Everything is more difficult in a serious crime case

Being accused of a serious offence can be a shock to the system. From the moment police first knock at the door, the process is gruelling.


House searches feel like a violation of your privacy and family life. Treatment by police can be heavy-handed, and the case itself can feel daunting.


There are often huge amounts of evidence to get through. The police may even try to hold back evidence which can actually be more disturbing. The whole thing can seem overwhelming. Defence lawyers sometimes also don't properly explain what's going on very well to their clients. This can make things more stressful, and it can make cases with several suspects or defendants seem more intimidating.


The threat of a long prison sentence is often the unpleasant background to these cases, and this and all the worries it can cause about family life can make the whole thing seem like a nightmare. In some cases, people are denied bail which can have terrible effects on mental health.

The intensity and emotional burden are all raised


A serious criminal case is often harder to deal with because the police response is more aggressive. Specialist detectives investigate, and they are sadly more likely to behave badly than in a less serious case. They sometimes use tactics to befriend suspects or even bully them. Family members are even sometimes threatened with being charged as a way of putting more pressure on a suspect.


In serious cases, people often get remanded in prison before the case. This makes it harder to prepare the case, and it of course affects family life. The feeling of being safe at home can also sometimes be disturbed if police have done searches or if there is worry about reprisals from others.

These cases can involve months of delay. The stress of waiting can interfere with a person's peace of mind and ability to cope. Even knowing how to find a specialist serious crime lawyer isn't easy: Most people have no experience of serious criminal cases and never expected this to happen.

There are ways through if you get the right help


Being accused of a serious criminal offence doesn't mean you have to feel paralysed. There are ways of improving things, and it starts with having specialist serious crime solicitors on your side. They can make sure it is less likely that you get charged, and also that no mistakes are made to damage your chances if a prosecutor does take the case to court.


They will get disclosure of the evidence from the police and also gather defence evidence to help your case. They will keep you informed, so that making big decisions is less stressful. Serious criminal lawyers push for cases to not proceed and are persuasive with judges and with juries in court. They're not afraid of fighting for their clients' interests. Having the right solicitor means you're less likely to be steamrolled by the opposition and gives you a much better chance of getting the case won or discontinued.


We never just accept the police version of events. We do our own investigation, and search for the evidence the police either didn’t obtain or have ignored. A defence team is built around you and your case: Barristers and solicitors fighting for you at every stage to get you the not-guilty outcome you need.

Don’t assume that the police are on your side. Police officers make career progress by getting cases resolved with people getting convicted, not by being friendly. If police appear to be on your side, ask yourself why.

Steps you should take right now if you're accused of a serious crime. Call us now and speak to one of our serious crime solicitors. We don't judge. We don't charge for an initial conference, and we can usually do a secure video call on the day.

Charged with a criminal offense in NSW? if looking for a law practice that will defend your rights. Contact one of our experienced defence lawyers (Solicitors and Barristers) on (02) 8747 1789 to discuss how we may assist you in achieving a favourable outcome. Republic Lawyers extensively practice in criminal Law and regularly appear at Courts throughout New South Wales.

The above information is intended as general information and is not to be relied on as legal advice.

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