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Relationship breakdowns are a time of emotional hardship, and we will guide and support you throughout the process.

Republic lawyers are experts in the field of family law. We want to help you get past this difficult situation, so you can get on with your life. 


FInancial & Property Settlement



We can help you:

  • Get a divorce or dissolve a civil partnership

  • Family Property/Financial Settlement

  • Child custody arrangements/Parenting

  • Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

  • De facto Relationships

  • Domestic Violence

  • Recovery Orders

  • Deal with your finances following a separation, whether you’re married or not

  • Sort out the arrangements for your children, including where they live

  • Negotiate pre and post nuptial agreements to protect you and your future

  • Understand surrogacy and fertility law if you’re wanting to start a family

  • All other areas of family law

If you have a family law matter, contact one of our experienced family law Solicitors and Barristers at (02) 8747 1789 to discuss how we may assist you in achieving a favorable outcome. Republic Lawyers extensively practice in Family Law and regularly appear at  the Family Courts of Australia.

The above information is intended as general information and is not to be relied on as legal advice.

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