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Our Traffic offence lawyers can help even if the case against you looks strong.

A traffic offence allegation can be a shock and even a cause of stress - but it doesn't need to be that way. Our experts can show you the way forward to getting the best result.

We win cases, and most of our clients even avoid having to go to trial. We offer private representation for affordable fixed fees.

Call us and speak to one of our specialist motoring offence solicitors with no obligation. You'll be glad you did.

A Traffic offence case is more than just an inconvenience

Being accused of a Traffic offence can cause worry, frustration, anger, even embarrassment.

Most of us need to be able to drive just to be able to get through life. Being at risk of points or even a driving ban can be a source of stress. Being able to drive isn't just about personal freedom to get around. Family members are often affected if someone can't drive, a person may lose his or her job, or even face future car insurance problems. Being convicted of a motoring offence may also affect your reputation if it is published in the press and on the internet.

The hassle of dealing with a motoring allegation can also be a burden. Nobody wants to have to go to court, and even experienced people can be nervous about the prospect of having to stand in the dock in a court.

Most people charged with an offence never thought it could happen to them which can add to the frustration. In serious cases, fears of community orders or prison make things seem even worse.

Unprepared people get a raw deal in Traffic matters

One reason Traffic cases are difficult to deal with is that the system doesn't allow much flexibility. It can seem to motorists that police decide to proceed against them because they can, not because it's the right thing to do, especially in marginal cases or where there are special circumstances.

Police stations and courts are also intimidating environments, which can put you at a disadvantage. People go in hoping to be treated fairly, often without a lawyer, maybe having done some internet legal research. They then find that they aren't given full information, aren't allowed to explain their case properly, and their case is over almost before it starts. Prosecutors and magistrates often end up railroading the defendant into a conviction or disqualification, asking loaded questions and not listening to the explanation.

It's also difficult to know how to choose a Traffic offence lawyer. Nearly all criminal lawyers claim to know how to defend these cases, but very few are true specialists.

The right advice and representation can make the difference

This situation shouldn't turn your life upside down. Specialist motoring offence solicitors are available with the knowledge and skill to calm the situation and improve it.

By bringing in a lawyer to defend your case, you'll be in a better position to avoid worst case scenarios. The right legal team will be able to tell you what to expect beforehand so that you understand what is going to happen. This makes the process less stressful.

They will also be able to advise you on what steps they can take to improve the situation. Motoring offence solicitors will have technical knowledge, but also bring in specialist advocates to appear in court. They'll know who the right technical specialist witnesses are to challenge the prosecution, for example, speed device experts, forensic toxicologists, or even crash investigators.

The result is that your case is expertly put across in court by someone who knows what steps will get you to the result.

If you want the advantage in your case, call our experts

Our top ranked motoring offence solicitors defend clients in cases of speeding, alcohol/drink driving, no insurance, careless driving/dangerous driving, and even cases involving serious injury or death. We know what it takes to get a positive outcome. When you speak to us you will immediately see that we know this area inside out, and that we know what strategies work best.

When you call us, you'll probably notice is that we start by listening to you. We want to understand what you need from the situation, and we need to know how you view the case against you so we can best help you get the result you need.

Then we advise you on how the law works, breaking down a step by step strategy to make the situation better.

Most of all, we make sure that by the time the case goes to court, all the technical preparation required has been done. This way you go into that environment feeling confident about the result, not intimidated by the opposition or the process.

Things you should and shouldn't do if you're facing a driving offence matters

  • Call us and speak to one of our specialist Traffic offence solicitors. We don't charge for an initial consultation and will talk you through your options.

  • Don't speak to police or write any response to police or court without taking legal advice first.

  • Do not under any circumstances ask anyone to take penalty points for you if you were driving - it is a serious offence and every year drivers go to prison for it.

  • Don't assume that doing research online will be enough to be prepared. Winning in court is about more than just knowing the rules. If your licence or liberty is at risk, get a proper Traffic lawyer.

Charged with a criminal offense in NSW? if looking for a law practice that will defend your rights. Contact one of our experienced defence lawyers (Solicitors and Barristers) on (02) 8747 1789 to discuss how we may assist you in achieving a favourable outcome. Republic Lawyers extensively practice in criminal Law and regularly appear at Courts throughout New South Wales.

The above information is intended as general information and is not to be relied on as legal advice.

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